How To Find Property Investment Deals

Rightmove, can be used for homebuyers and sellers. the site displays thousands of properties to rent or for sale. Estate agents and property developers use this portal too. It is a very useful tool and is rated as the UK’s top property website. Illustrating properties for searches to the housing market. It is said to be one of the most popular websites in the world. Averaging approximately up to 9 million property searches a month.

Who can advertise their property for sale, can anyone?

How does Rightmove make money?

There are certain searched terms used on the web. ‘Rightmove lettings’ or ‘Rightmove estate agents’ are continuously used and highlighted. To make money, the company lists estate agents on Then charge the listed estate agents to advertise on the website. The process, is further developed . House buyers and house sellers, the ‘users’ search for property, that is advertised for sale by the state agents. Then the buyers and sellers are re-routed back to the agents website. This service is not available at this moment in time, for individuals to use dirctly themselves. There is a special page, however, produced by Rightmove named ‘sell house fast’ Houses are merely listed for sale by their advertisers, but they don’t sell houses.

Index of House Prices

Each month Rightmove produces an update of its’ house prices index for England and Wales. This highlights and provides a clear indication of fluctuations and movements in house prices. Property professionals, including house builders, newspapers and even the governing bodies in the UK will acknowledge and use this information. It may signify the state and balance of the housing market. It is a tool, that conveys beneficial information to all parties. Other price indicators exist, such as UK Land Registry and Nationwide.

Another competitor, could it be in the running to take over?

Zoopla is an alternative property portal service, that provides similar services, to the housing market. Listing estate agent’s properties,selling these advertising products to estate agents.At the same time, allowing house sellers, buyers to search for house properties for sale and rent. Completing a circle, whereby they are re-directed back to the estate agents. The estate agents are charged for this service. Another way of finding investment property is to contact a quick house sale company, such as Although they may not give you their best deals, they may have quick property sales available that don’t work for them but may for you.

Data – that is useful to illustrate sold house prices

Find out how much, houses have sold for in cities and towns in the UK, such as Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Birmingham and large towns and cities throughout the UK. A price comparison report, can be obtained which combines historic and current house price data.Using data from land Registry, Rightmove all in one location.

Rightmove property listings overseas – How to search for suitable property

Overseas property for sale, can be searched for, using Rightmove. Countries in popular demand for property sale searches are USA, Australia, Italy and Portugal, France. Other areas for searching are listed below. Current search as of 19th September 2013.

Search for property for sale – Overseas countries covered


Albania, Gibraltar, Northern Cyprus, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, Italy, iceland, Czech Republic, and many more.

Americas Overseas property for sale in

Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, falkland Islands, mexico, USA, Venezuela, Uruguay and many more

Africa Overseas property for sale in

Tanzania, The Gambia, Tunisia, South Africa, Seychelles, Nigeria Check the site for more

Asia Overseas property for sale in

Cambodia, Indonesia, maldives, philippines, Singapore, Sri lanka, Australia, New Zealand and many more.

Rightmove – Commercial property listed

Over 40,000 house properties are advertised on behalf of agents. Rightmove displays property for sale or to let. If you are searching for commercial

property to buy or rent.

Rightmove software – App to Download

Rightmove have produced an application that is easy to download. it is a useful tool and can be downloaded for Iphone or Android. This allows for personal searches, possibly during lunchtimes, while on on a train or bus, anywhere in fact when convenient.

‘Rightmove Plus’and ‘Draw a search’

Rightmove have also produced Rightmove plus and draw a search. These are useful add-ons, for advertisers and users. This draw a search service, can show you property for sale in your local area. it has been developed, so that you draw your search area and the system will do the rest. You can save the details, so they can be viewed repeatedly, if so desired and property alerts can be given. The Plus service is for estate agents and letting agents {Professional advertisers} and other companies under the umbrella of professionals, who Rightmove acknowledge.

Hopefully, this property blog, has been useful. Covering the Rightmove portal. The blog will be updated systematically, when Rightmove has further features to offer and discuss.